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Search Engine Optimization

In addition to conference services, we offer SEO services and 508 compliance services to optimize your main website. Our SEO marketing team creates real world results you can see.

We've optimized websites with poor SEO rankings and achieved page one on Google searches.

  • Why choose our Search Engine Optimization Tools?
    • We've worked with the scientific community and societies for 15 years. This gives us a wealth of knowledge about your customers and how they search for your website.
    • You're not buying just a SEO tool from Meeting Bloom. You're buying:
      • A diagnosis of your website
      • A 508 compliance plan
      • A search engine optimization implementation process
      • An instructional webinar for you and your staff
      • Data driven reports that show your results on Google
    • We take the data collected from our SEO Tools and teach you how to implement it into your website. Instead of paying an SEO consultant a huge annual fee, you save 80% on annual costs with the same results. Plus, it won't increase your workload.
    • After the initial setup, we also provide low cost services to ensure you maintain optimization by monitoring your websites for analytics trends, maintain keyword Google ranking, watch for 508 compliance issues, and help you implement the keywords into your website and the metadata of your website.
  • Why does 508 compliance matter for SEO?
    • Google knows there is a large population that uses 508 compliant websites to get the information they need. So, Google ranks websites with a high 508 compliance score better than a website with a poor score.
    • Our SEO software tools monitor your top level pages for 508 compliance. We also can advise you on the best practices for 508 compliance. We can assist you with automating most of the 508 compliance rules for your content management system.
    • Most grants require 508 compliance.
    • 508 compliance allows you to reach a larger pool of customers.
  • Why is it important to be on page one of Google?
    • Did you know that 96% of Google's search traffic comes from the first page of Google search results?

    • Without our SEO software tools, the only people you’ll reach are the people you’ve already been in contact with. To expand your website, you either need to spend a lot of money on advertising or make sure your website is following the proper rules for search engine optimization.

  • How much does Meeting Bloom's SEO Service cost?

    • The cost depends on how large your website is, but generally it takes about 60 hours of labor to setup the initial findings, gather the correct keywords, crawl your top website pages to get your 508 compliance score, setup a plan to get 508 compliance fixed, including implementing 508 compliance rules into your website template, and instruct you on how to implement all these into your website/metadata.

    • Following initial setup, ongoing monthly monitoring and maintenance of your SEO rankings is about 15 hours a month. Our standard hourly rate is $170 per hour.

  • Do I get a discount if I also use Meeting Bloom's conference services?

    • Yes! Our standard hourly rate is reduced to $120 per hour if you use Meeting Bloom's conference software package. Instead of paying $10,200 for the initial findings and setup, you would pay $7,200. That's a $3,000 savings!

  • Other services cost $200 to $300 a month. Why should I choose Meeting Bloom's services?

    • The difference is implementation. We perform the work involved in getting you the correct implementation plan specifically for your website and help you integrate that plan. The services that cost $200 to $300 are just data dumps and do not make your website better.

Meeting Bloom will get you the rankings you deserve!