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Search Engine Optimization

Unlock Your Website's Potential with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

At Meeting Bloom, we offer a comprehensive range of services that go beyond conferences. Our expertise extends to SEO services and 508 compliance solutions, designed to enhance your website's performance. Our dedicated SEO marketing team delivers tangible results, ensuring your online presence shines.

Discover the Benefits of Our Search Engine Optimization Tools

Why choose our Search Engine Optimization Tools? With 15 years of experience collaborating with the scientific community and societies, we possess invaluable insights into your target audience and their search habits. When you choose Meeting Bloom for your SEO needs, you're not just investing in an SEO tool; you're investing in:

  • Website Diagnosis
  • 508 Compliance Planning
  • SEO Implementation
  • Instructional Webinars for Your Team
  • Data-Driven Reports Showcasing Your Google Results

We don't just provide tools; we empower you with knowledge. By leveraging the data gathered from our SEO Tools, we teach you how to optimize your website. This means significant cost savings, as you can avoid the hefty annual fees associated with traditional SEO consulting while achieving the same results.

Continual SEO Optimization and 508 Compliance

After the initial setup, Meeting Bloom offers cost-effective services to maintain optimization. We'll keep a close eye on your website's analytics trends, monitor keyword Google rankings, ensure 508 compliance, and guide you in implementing essential keywords into your website and metadata.

Why 508 Compliance Matters for SEO

Google recognizes the importance of 508 compliant websites. Websites with high 508 compliance scores rank better in search results, helping you reach a broader audience. Our SEO software tools keep your top-level pages in check for 508 compliance and offer valuable advice on best practices. We can even assist in automating most 508 compliance rules for your content management system, crucial for meeting the requirements of most grants.

The Significance of Being on Page One of Google

Did you know that a staggering 96% of Google's search traffic originates from the first page of search results? Without Meeting Bloom's SEO software tools, your reach will be limited to your existing contacts. To expand your website's reach, you'll either need a substantial advertising budget or adhere to the best practices of search engine optimization.

What's the Cost of Meeting Bloom's SEO Service?

The cost of our SEO service depends on your website's size, typically involving around 60 hours of initial setup. This includes identifying the right keywords, assessing 508 compliance, and instructing you on implementation. Subsequent monthly monitoring and maintenance for your SEO rankings require about 12 hours per month at our standard hourly rate of $170.

Discounts for Conference Services Users

If you also utilize Meeting Bloom's conference software package, you'll benefit from a reduced hourly rate of $125, down from the standard $170 per hour. This means substantial savings, as you'd only pay $7,500 for initial setup instead of $10,200 - a $2,700 discount!

YouTube and Social Media

Our suite of services also extends to YouTube and other social media platforms. We specialize in fostering the growth of your YouTube and social media channels, providing guidance to leverage these platforms effectively, ensuring optimal results in driving traffic from social media to your website.

Meeting Bloom will get you the rankings you deserve!