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Our conference management software is a comprehensive solution tailored for event organizers seeking top-tier functionalities typically found in larger, pricier platforms. Here's a detailed breakdown of our extensive features:

Conference Registration: Seamlessly capture attendee information with customizable form fields including Email, First Name, Last Name, Address/Department, Badge details, Short talk considerations, Disability accommodations, Visa letter automation, and more. Attendee Pi email for scientific and engineering conferences enhances engagement.

Customization: Enjoy unlimited custom question capabilities with Meeting Bloom's custom question builder, offering various question types like text boxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists, and document uploads for tailored experiences.

Abstract Submission: Experience our best-in-class abstract submission software designed specifically for scientific and engineering conferences, including support for document uploads. Plus, it's no extra cost.

Event Management: Facilitate smooth event operations with features such as selling banquet tickets, bus tickets, or special event items, and tracking free items for enhanced planning.

Registration Flexibility: Set multiple registration rates, including early bird options, and offer various registration types to cater to diverse attendee needs.

Optional Speaker Interaction: Engage speakers with customized questions and request biographies seamlessly within the registration process.

Membership Discounts: Implement society member/student discounts effortlessly with our streamlined verification process, including support for honor systems or verified memberships.

Promotional Tools: Manage promotional codes efficiently to drive attendance and engagement.

Document Handling: Streamline document management by allowing attendees and speakers to upload documents like CVs and bios during registration.

Payment Options: Offer flexible payment methods including credit card, multiple cards, checks, or money orders with support for global VAT and customizable tax rates for registration, meals, etc...

Blogs, Polls, Surveys, and Gamification: Enhance attendee interaction and enjoyment with blogs, polls, surveys, and gamification features like mobile scavenger hunts and trivia games, fostering engagement and networking opportunities.

Workshop Management: Easily organize workshops with dedicated time slots and "In Stock" inventory management to prevent overbooking.

Membership Verification: Simplify membership verification with encoded links for student and standard member rates integration, supported by API verification for seamless integration with existing membership systems.

Our software empowers conference managers to deliver exceptional experiences while streamlining operations, ensuring every event is a resounding success.