How We Handle Virtual and Hybrid Conferences

How We Can Help With Your Virtual Conference

Virtual Posters Are Not a Thing Of The Future Anymore. Has Made This Possible Now! has virtual poster board software that can now support virtual poster boards and in-person poster boards. Our virtual poster board software has the capability to build any format of poster board your attendee can dream up. We have our base set of templates that can be infinitely customized with as many zones your attendee wants and with any color scheme your attendee can dream of.

Plus, once your attendee builds their poster board, the poster board can be printed in a hi-resolution image. This means the attendee doesn't need to build a poster board for the in-person conference, they can just print the hi-resolution image of the virtual poster that provides.

Also, our virtual poster board software will let the attendee be able to view multiple virtual posters and interact with multiple virtual posters simultaneously. This means an attendee can virtually interact with as many posters as they want and never miss an question, answer, or any kind of interaction. These interactions are live interactions, so every question asked or commented on will be live. The attendee doesn't need to refresh web pages, because the webpages are all live interactive pages.

Our goal is to bring the live experience to your home.

Preview Our Virtual Poster System Below