Our Role-Based Admin System Keeps Everyone on Task

Role-Based Admin System

Role ManagementOur admin interface is completely role-based. This allows you to control which staff member has access to what information. For example, if you want your accounting staff to access reports, but not be able to modify customer records, you would assign them the "Accounting Role". Other conference management software does not have internal roles, which makes streamlining accounting reports and website content difficult.

We found that when you break apart roles in your team you get efficient workloads. For example, our accounting reports are specifically designed so accounting staff can easily read and import this data into your accounting system.

Roles in the System

More than one role can be assigned to the same person. The roles are:

  • Conference Manager: access to everything but website editing
  • Content Editor: access to conference website editing only
  • Accounting: "read only" access to accounting reports and core reports
  • Reports: "read only" access to core reports (includes access to read all conference submission data)
  • Organizer or Chair: ability to submit notes related to submissions for conference managers to read, email individual attendees, build the program, plus "read only" access to core reports (charting system only. Not full access to all conference data)