Our Templating System Eliminates Tedious Work

Templates That Will Save You Time And Prevent Errors

Website TemplateTemplates are shared across your company. Combined with our Word Merge System, we save you time by centralizing most of your content. Our system is designed so you can run one or many conferences off a single set of templates. All your conferences can still have their own unique look while using our template system. Also, you can share a central theme template for company branding. Your individual conferences remain separate, even though they share sections.
You can also have multiple sets of templates. For example, you can have 50 conferences share one set of Templates, and another conference share a different set of templates.

Our templates will save you 60% of your setup time for the following year conference.

Our email templates use the same concept. You can create one set of email templates, and share them across your company. This eliminates creating multiple email templates.

Word Merge System

We use a "Word Merge" system, similar to Microsoft's Mail Merge, that auto creates your conference information across your website and in your registration form from your administrator interface. For example, if you need to update conference pricing, you update it in one field, and our system will display it in all the places where you put this: [REGISTRATIONPRICES]. Then, when it's time for next year's conference, you update that one field, and your systems are ready for next year.

Email Templates

Meeting Bloom combines our email templating system, with our unique Word Merge System. This feature lets you create core email templates that fill in the conference specific information and customer information for you. This reduces email errors when you are creating year over year conferences, as the system will dynamically populate those zones with your new conference information.

We believe you should never have to repeatedly enter data (such as conference titles, conference dates, registration pricing, and conference locations) in your emails. Our software does the work for you!