Build A Conference Website Without The Need To Know Code

Conference Website Software That Can Make A Difference

Meeting Bloom gives you a highend conference website that is easy to use. Our website system uses mobile responsive templates, so you don't have to worry about designing a website. We also have google maps built in, requiring no coding on your end. And if you want to change the way your conference website looks for your next meeting, you simply point your conference website to a new template, and it now has a new look.

Our best feature is a feature you don't really see, but this feature will save you weeks of labor on future conferences. That's because our system decouples the content from the website template. This means when technologies change, your conference website will always work. So 40 years from now, your conference website will still be using the most current web technologies and the latest template designs.

No more coding needed to have a modern, dynamic conference website!
Our website system uses the latest HTML5 technology so your content will always be accessible by desktop, phone, or tablets. Plus, if you need to make another website, you can clone your existing one.

Here are a few of our built-in website modules

  • Contact us form
  • Google Maps
  • Save the date button (adds the event to your attendees calendar)
  • Dynamic conference program
  • Poster Lists (includes abstract with our secured web page)
  • Room sharing module
  • Secured web page to add things like your poster lists, or any other item you only want attendees to view
  • Two levels of sponsor lists to display on your website
    • Platinum sponsors
    • Standard sponsors

We at Meeting Bloom believe our conference website software is so effective. We used it to build this website! Companies don't do this because they will build the bare minimum to sell their product. Meeting Bloom is different. Our product has to be good enough for us, to sell it to you.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive Systems
Meeting Bloom’s Mobile Attendee Event Interface features are all mobile responsive, eliminating the need to purchase a third-party phone app.

SEO Optimized

Our conference website software will automatically SEO optimize your website. You simply add your content, and we'll get you the highest search engine rankings possible.

Content Management SystemWe know that search engine rankings matter. A high search engine ranking means your conference website has high visibility. We want your conference to be as visible as possible, which is why your website stays in place year over year. You shouldn't have to start from scratch re-establishing your search engine rankings for your conference.

Because of these SEO features, every time someone searches for your conference, your conference website will rank high on the search engines. A great SEO optimized website can make a 20% increase in attendees.

Our SEO features are so good your conference website system will outrank the competitor's website on Google searches!

Sponsor System

Sponsor BannerOur sponsor management system allows you to upload sponsor images and sponsor links in the sponsor system. Then, you can share the sponsors' information across any of your conferences.

Sponsors can be marked as a standard sponsor or as a platinum sponsor. Standard sponsors appear in the footer of your website, while platinum sponsors are included wherever you want them on the website. Most clients put the platinum sponsor module in the right column of the home page of their conference website.

508 Compliance

Our templates automatically follow 508 compliance requirements. This gives you two advantages. The first advantage is that you will be able to reach a wider audience. The second advantage is that google gives you better site rankings (SEO) for following 508 compliance standards. Also, to assist in your conference website 508 compliance requirements we have built-in image alt and title tagging.

You can test our systems at any time by going to and enter