Abstracts And Registration In One System

Abstract Management Software

We understand how difficult it is to get pricing for all the options you need to have a successful conference. We also understand what you need out of an abstract submission system. That's why we made it simple. You get everything from registration software, a conference website, workshops, emails, reports, polls, surveys, blogs, gamification, award submissions, award review, peer review, and our best in class abstract management system for a set price of $6 per registrant (no hidden fees).

What Makes Our Abstract Software Better Than Our Competition?

What Makes Us Better For Conference Managers:

Abstract Management Software
  • Build poster lists and author indexes in less than a minute using our poster list builder.

  • Integrate your speaker abstracts with your agenda.

  • No more updating abstracts in multiple spots. Meeting Bloom's abstracts are dynamically built, so you update the abstract, authors, or affiliates, and they automatically update everywhere.

  • Easily export data for printing, or other uses (pdf, word doc, excel, etc…).

  • Our abstract software builds abstracts using dynamic sections. This gives you the capability to use our “Auto Abstract Formatting Tools”. - No more losing your greek or scientific characters because of formatting.

  • Create secured pages on your conference website. So your customers can login, and securely access the poster lists. Including abstract access.

  • Peer review software that is easy to use.

  • Add your own form fields, to ask attendees/speakers specific questions.

  • Also you can choose speaker, or attendee, or both to view and answer the questions. Here are some examples:
    • *fyi: When you add the question, you choose if it's visible by speaker, attendees, or both.

    • Examples:

      • Would like to have a short talk. (visible by speaker and attendees)

      • Primary or secondary topics. (visible by speaker and attendees)

      • Upload a bio picture. (visible by speakers only)

      • Upload your CV. (visible by attendees only)

What Makes Us Better For Attendees:

Peer Review
  • Better abstract quality, because you can turn on abstract submission form capabilities like:

    • Formattable Abstracts

    • Abstracts as plain text

    • Images in abstracts

    • Tables allowed in abstracts

    • Character limits

    • Author emails

    • Mark primary authors

    • Special characters in abstract

    • And many more

  • Abstract submitters can update there abstract until the cutoff date, saving you and the submitter time.

  • One system for registration and abstract submission. This gives you full access to all data and the capability to use all the data across all of our systems.

  • We have many paths to submit an abstract. For example:

    • Register and submit abstract at the same time.

    • Submit an abstract first and register later.

    • Submit just an abstract, or just register).

  • One of the biggest frustrations for a conference attendee during abstract submission is the payment gateway. We have abstracts and registration in one system, the submitter only needs to interact with payment processing one time instead of twice.

  • Also, because we have abstract and registration in one system, the attendee doesn't have to fill out two separate forms.

Should I Use a Free Abstract Management Software Package Instead of Meeting Bloom?

There are times when a free abstract management software package is ideal. For example, if you are a ".edu" and you have a zero cost budget, then a free abstract management software package is a good solution. But even if you only receive 40 abstracts and 80 attendees, that would only cost $480. This price includes everything from registration software, to abstract management software. This also includes every module we advertise on our website. You would save weeks in labor with our abstract automation features, and peer review system. Also, you would have auto formatting for your abstracts like universal line spacing, and universal fonts.

So the short answer is that there are cases when a free abstract management software package might be a good choice, but in most cases Meeting Bloom would be a better choice.

** There are times when we have downtime and we will handle a .edu as a pro bono case, so contact us and we'll see if we can fit you in the schedule.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our services.