What Makes Our Abstract Software Better Than The Competition?

What Makes Our Abstract Software Standout

abstract softwareOur abstract software stands out because it allows attendees to store independently each part of the abstract-title, authors, affiliates, and the abstract itself. This gives conference managers control over the way they format the abstracts. For example, both the conference manager and the attendees can easily re-order the author list for an abstract by dragging an author's name up or down the list. Additionally, conference managers and attendees have the option to choose the presenter of the poster, because the first author listed on the abstract is not always the presenter at the conference.

Another huge benefit to the way our software stores each abstract in the database is no greek or special characters are lost during the formatting process.

Our abstract software also allows conference managers to give options for how attendees submit their abstracts. With simple flags in the administrator controls, conference managers can give attendees formatting and content capabilities for their abstract submissions, including the ability to add tables, upload images like charts and graphs, and set word count limits. This allows the abstract submitter more freedom, resulting in better quality abstracts to display on the "Attendee Only" section of the conference website.

Better abstract software puts the focus on the attendees and their mission, resulting in a successful conference that draws attention to what the attendees feel most passionate about in their scientific fields.

Also for attendees that can't physically attend, they can still have interactions with poster creators using our virtual poster system which includes instant question and answer tools.

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