What Can Attendees and Speakers Do To Make Their Experience Better

Speaker and Attendee Helpful Tools

Poster Board Help

  • WikiHow.com (Things You Shouldn't Forget To Add)
    • Ideas to help you add information and add the correct information to create a great poster board.
  • MakeSigns.com (Consistent Formatting)
    • How to format your poster board to have a consistent look and feel.
  • MakeSigns.com (Images, Charts and Graphs)
    • How to format images and charts on your posterboard.
  • MakeSigns.com (General Poster Help)
    • This gives you general info like poster size requirements and print timing.
  • Poster Printing Service
    • For Poster Printing
  • If you're standing to the left of your poster board. Your information should be setup for at least three observers.
    • The first is the person reading your abstract and anything else to get them interested. 
    • The second person will either be reading or interacting with you.
    • The third person will be interacting with you. So you should be standing close to any data results or charts. This way you won't have to block your poster when pointing out any facts you need to show for your results.