All Modules Are Included - We Don't Nickel and Dime Our Customers

All Of These Services For One Price

Low PricesWe charge $6 per registrant. This price includes our registration system, workshop system, conference website system, awards system, all of our modules, our best in class abstract submission system, polls, blog system, surveys, and gamification systems. We don't have hidden fees. You get it all for one price!

We believe you shouldn't have to pay a lot to get a great conference management software package. Our goal is to provide a service, at a fair price. Our competition will tell you a price and then charge you extra for the modules. Meeting Bloom is different. We include all our modules with our product. So there is no question of what you get. We'd rather lose a little revenue and have a happy client that knows what product they get.


We also don't charge you for cancelled registrants. We only charge $6 per confirmed registrant. This is very valuable for a conference manager, because we live in a new era where an entire conference can be cancelled because of covid. We understand, which is why we have our 100% money back guarantee for cancelled conferences.

We know you want tools to make your conference management easy, while still keeping costs down. Meeting Bloom gives you these capabilities at rates that are below our competition. We spent extra time building our modules efficiently, resulting in low maintenance costs and low overhead on our end. Then, we pass back these savings to you.

Also, if you want something customized that we believe will make the system better, we won't charge you for the customization. You shouldn't have to pay to improve our software.

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