Security Is Our Top Priority

Your Data Is Secured In The Microsoft Cloud

Azure Cloud Security

Our products are entirely based on software-as-a-service (SaaS) using Microsoft Azure Cloud. This setup ensures top-notch security and reliability for your data.

Unlike having just a small team handling security, we rely on the entire Microsoft Team to continuously update and maintain the latest security measures for your conference. We don't host servers in our own spaces; instead, Microsoft Azure Cloud uses secure facilities that meet the latest security standards.

If your conference involves European attendees, using cloud-based software is necessary to comply with GDPR regulations.

The beauty of the Microsoft Azure Cloud is its ability to automatically adjust to demand. If 100 customers visit our website, it runs on one virtual server. But if the traffic spikes to 200,000 customers, the Cloud automatically scales up our servers to handle the load.

To beef up security, we employ Microsoft Defender for the Cloud, actively scanning our cloud software for vulnerabilities. Your data is stored in a Microsoft database to prevent unauthorized access. All these services are part of the $6 per submission price.

We also have attendee only web pages for attendees to access vital information. You can designate specific pages for "Secured Customer Access Only," ensuring that only logged-in customers can view the information stored there. Any attached files are also securely protected.

Moreover, our secured pages come with dynamic program agendas, especially useful for scientific and engineering conferences, displaying speaker abstracts and poster board lists. These pages offer a secure way for customers to access this information at any time without requiring multiple file updates.

At Meeting Bloom, we prioritize data security. That's why we don't use links with query codes for secured zones, as these can be easily accessed by anyone. Instead, we require customers to log in, eliminating the risk of query and link hacking.