Security Is Our Top Priority

Your Data Is Secured In The Microsoft Cloud

Azure Cloud SecurityOur products are 100% software as a service (SaaS) in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This gives you the best security for your data and the best reliability.

Because our system is built using the Microsoft Azure Cloud, we don't just have a couple of people maintaining security. We have the entire Microsoft Team updating and maintaining the latest security patches for your conference. We don't have a server in our basement. The Microsoft Azure Cloud has servers in a secured facility, meeting the latest PCI compliance standards. Also, if you have European attendees, then cloud based software is a requirement to meet GDPR regulations.

For added security we make sure your data is secured by using Microsoft Defender for the Cloud. This service actively scans all of our cloud software packages for any vulnerabilities. We also store your data in a Microsoft database to eliminate anyone trying to crawl the website to access your files. All of these services are included in your $6 per registrant price.

Plus, for your conference website, we provide secured web pages for conference attendees to access important conference information. Also, you can define a web page as "Secured Customer Access Only". Then, you can store conference essential information on those pages. With this secured page, only logged in customers can access the information stored on it. Not only is the web page secured, but any files you attach to that secured web page are also secured.

Additionally, we provide dynamic program agendas on these secured pages. For scientific and engineer related conferences, dynamic program agendas include the speakers abstracts. These secured pages can also have dynamic poster board lists. Giving your customers an easy way to securely view the poster board lists and abstracts before, during, and after the conference. Since these files are dynamic, you never have to update files in multiple locations.

Meeting Bloom knows how important it is for data to be secured, which is why we don't use links with query codes to access secured zones. Those links can be easily accessed by anyone. We require the customer to login to the secured pages, which eliminates query and link hacking.