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Meeting Bloom provides you with comprehensive tools to run a successful conference. With our easy-to-use admin interface, you won't need IT staff to run your conference. See why we are passionate about conferences.


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Why Meeting Bloom?

  • Abstract Management Software

    • We know the unique challenges of running a scientific/engineer related conference. With 15 years of experience talking directly with engineers, and scientists about their conference needs, we built a best in class abstract management system. We make handling abstracts, poster board lists, and author indexing an easy task. For example - It only takes 5 minutes to create an author index and a numbered poster board list with 1000 abstracts.
  • Conference Management Software
    • We have a full suite registration package. This includes registration, workshops, custom questions, badges, reporting system, accounting system, polls, blog system, surveys, gamification systems, and many more.
  • Conference Website
    • We use website templates to give you the latest web technology. Plus you don't have to update your websites every year because we maintain the templates.
    • We wouldn't sell you a product we wouldn't use ourselves. So we did something no conference management company would do. We built this website using our conference website builder.
  • Polls, Blogs, Surveys, And Gamification
    • Keep your attendees interested during your conference. Our system provides built in mobile scavenger hunts, mobile trivia quiz's specific for your conference, and an industry first Live Survey Systemâ„¢. Plus we have live blogs. All of these features can create activity through your entire conference.
  • Google rankings
    • Our competition expects you to build a new conference website each year you create a registration site, which results in poor Google rankings for your conference. Meeting Bloom, instead, de-couples the conference website from the registration system, giving you great Google rankings across all your conferences. Meeting Bloom can also use your sub-domain for even better google rankings like "" or if you have only one conference then "" or "".
  • Eliminate Entering Duplicate Data
    • Meeting Bloom re-uses your conference information to display it on any of our systems using "Word Merges". This means you can share it on your conference website, registration system, emails, visa forms, customer receipt, and more.
    • You can re-use items like conference title, conference date, registration pricing, conference location, google maps, "Register-Now" buttons, etc...
  • Global Content Zones
    • For example - you have 30 conferences, and 10 locations. You can share your location content across multiple conference websites. Or if you have an FAQ section, you can share that across multiple, or all of your conferences. There's no limit. You can share other content types like email templates, and registration content templates. Sharing this content across multiple conferences, or just across your templates will save you having to hunt for multiple web pages to update content.
  • Security And The Microsoft Cloud
    • All of our software lives in the Microsoft Cloud. This gives you added security, and scalability.

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