Registration Management System For $6 Per Registrant

Registration System


conference management software

is packed with features you would normally only get from the larger, more expensive companies. Here is a list of some of our features:
  • Registration form fields, such as:
    • Email, First Name, Last Name, etc.
    • Attendee Pi email for scientific and engineer related conferences
    • Visa letter automation, if required to attend
    • Disability accomodations and/or Access and Functional Needs requests
    • Short talk consideration requests
    • Badge information
    • Address/Department
  • Unlimited custom questions, using Meeting Bloom's dynamic question builder
    • Custom question types are: text box, text area, radio button list, drop down list, check box, and upload documents
  • Our best in class abstract submission form for scientific or engineering conferences
  • Awards, including asking the award applicant to upload specific documents
  • Sell additional items like banquet tickets, bus tickets, or special events. Also, for tracking purposes, you can list items that do not cost
  • Multiple registration rates and an option for early registration rates
  • Multiple registration types
  • Option to ask speakers different questions than the attendees. Like asking for a bio pic
  • Society member/student discounted rates (verified or honor system)
  • Promotional codes management system
  • Uploading capabalities, including curriculum vitae (CVs) for attendees and speaker bios
  • Global template structure for almost all content and email templates with optional unique templates (Eliminates duplicate data)
  • Payment options: credit card, multiple cards, checks, or money orders
  • Non-United States VAT (value added tax) rates (including support of separate VAT rates based off of the item for which you are charging)
  • United States tax rates, if applicable. Plus the capability to have different tax rates for different items. For example, a sale item might have a different tax rate than a banquet ticket.

Conference Workshops

You also have access to our workshop system. Each workshop can have the date and time added to block out your workshop time slot. The time slots help your registrants know when there is a conflicting workshop. Plus, you can set "In Stock" amounts on each workshop to keep from over booking.

Membership Verification

We know the headache of trying to integrate a registration system into your membership system to verify membership. We eliminated the difficult parts of verifying membership by creating links for verifying student rates and standard member rates. It's as simple as adding our encoded link to your secured members site. Then when a registrant enters our system using that link, the rate is automatically applied. We also support the api verification method.