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Abstract Management System

Meeting Bloom's

abstract management system

is the result of over 14 years, working directly with conference managers, engineers, and scientists.


Our abstract submission form is best in class. We give you many options to control abstracts, like formatted text, plain text, images, tables, character limits, author emails, mark primary authors, and many other criterias. We also handle greek characters, so the formatting never gets lost. Formatting is also not an issue with our auto formatting tools. Plus our abstract output supports everything from our secured web page poster lists, author indexes, pdf's, word docs, excel sheets, to website poster lists.


Our built-in abstract submission software streamlines efforts related to building poster board lists, and the peer review process. Our poster board list builder is simple--just drag and drop each abstract into the list, or add them in batches. All the data is dynamic, ending the need for manually building and numbering abstracts one by one.

This means you no longer have to manually update poster board lists or author index lists in multiple locations every time a customer wants to change their abstract title, an author, the author order or affiliations. Our

abstract management software

automatically updates the abstracts for you.


Plus, we won't nickel and dime our customers.  All modules, as well as the abstract modules, are included for $6 per registrant.



Program Agenda / Abstract Poster Board List

How we handle abstracts is what sets us apart from the competition. Meeting Bloom dynamically stores the abstract, authors, and affiliations into the database as relatable data. This allows for unlimited ways to format and access the data. Poster board lists and author indexes can be completed in less than five minutes!

Your poster board lists never need to be modified after you create them because all the data is dynamic. You can display these lists on multiple web pages, and you never have to worry about outdated information. We also have a special link that can load these lists directly on your organization's website.

Our event management software has an automated abstract poster board list builder and program agenda builder. Our agenda and poster board list systems have two different front ends for the attendees to view. The standard interface is the agenda and poster board lists that you see on most conference websites. What sets our event management software apart is the second interface--a unique, secured access section for your attendees to access the agenda, which includes the speakers' abstracts, and a secured access for the poster board lists with abstract access.

Abstract Peer Review System

Our abstract peer review system allows you to assign abstracts to be reviewed and scored. This gives you a simple way to allow peers to grade and comment within groups, eliminating the complexity of the review process. You will then receive reports letting you know the status of your reviewers in an easy to read report. You can assign abstracts to multiple peers for an average ranking, or groups of abstracts to a reviewer. We also provide blind reviews and capabilities to comment on them. The system is easy to navigate and gives you an easy way to get the job done.

Security and other Abstract Features

Meeting Bloom knows the importance of abstract security. That's why we don't use a link to access secured web pages. A link can be easily stolen over the web or shared. Instead, we require a login directly on our secured portal.

Our abstract submission system also has complete support for tables, images, and Greek characters (if applicable). Submitted abstracts and personal information are secured in a Microsoft Cloud database for your peace of mind.

Also you can create dynamic questions on the abstract submission form.  Then you can ask abstract specific questions. Here are some example questions: Would like to have a short talk, Primary or secondary topics, or whatever you want to ask.