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Meeting Bloom has 15 years of experience with conference websites, registration, and abstract submissions. Our system is tailored to meet your conference needs. We are located just outside Washington, DC (Rockville, MD).
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Meeting Bloom provides you with comprehensive tools to run a successful conference. With our easy-to-use admin interface, you won't need IT staff to run your conference. See why we are passionate about conferences.


Meeting Bloom is pleased and honored to announce our newest client globalawarenesssociety.org.

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Why Meeting Bloom?

Get ready to revolutionize the way you manage your conferences with Meeting Bloom's Abstract Management Software! Here's why our software is the best in the market:

  • Abstract Management Software

    • Say goodbye to the hassle of handling abstracts, poster board lists, and author indexing - our system makes it easy and efficient, saving you valuable time and effort.

  • Conference Management Software
    • Our complete suite registration package covers everything you need, from registration to custom questions, polls, and surveys. Plus, our gamification systems will keep your attendees engaged and entertained throughout the conference.
  • Conference Website
    • With our conference website builder, you can create a professional and dynamic website in no time. And the best part? You won't have to update it every year because we maintain the templates for you.
    • We built our own website using our conference website builder, so you can trust that it's a product we believe in and use ourselves.
  • Project Management Software
    • Keep track of all your conference projects with our simple but powerful Project Management Software, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Polls, Blogs, Surveys, And Gamification
    • Engage your attendees with our built-in mobile scavenger hunts, trivia quizzes, live survey system, and live blogs - all designed to create activity and interest throughout your entire conference.
  • Google Rankings
    • Boost your Google rankings and improve your online presence by using our de-coupled conference website and registration system.
  • Templating
    • Save time by reusing conference information across all our systems using "Word Merges."
  • Global Content Zones For Website Content And Emails
    • Take advantage of our Global Content Zones to share content across multiple conferences, locations, and templates, without having to hunt for multiple web pages to update content.
  • Security And The Microsoft Cloud
    • Rest easy knowing that our software is hosted on the secure and scalable Microsoft Cloud.

So why settle for mediocre conference management when you can have the best? Choose Meeting Bloom for an innovative and exciting conference experience!

Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive Systems
Meeting Bloom’s Mobile Attendee Event Interface features are all mobile responsive, eliminating the need to purchase a third-party phone app.